Automobile shoppers must take into account a wide range of factors when selecting the ideal vehicle, whether they plan to use it to get to work or to travel to their next vacation spot. It can be difficult to choose just one car, whether the criteria are the car’s cost, cost of ownership, or just in case it looks good.

This is especially true for electric vehicles, as both established automakers like Tesla and BYD as well as more recent entrants like Toyota, Kia, and also Porsche are joining the market.

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We will examine what aspects to think about while buying a new EV below.

  1. Environmentally-friendly

When purchasing any type of EV, the majority of buyers take the environment into account. It might even be the best argument in favour of buying an EV.

With trends indicating that the effect of excessive carbon emissions will only increase in the next decades and with climate change hurting our planet on than ever before, the switch to electric vehicles now is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

One electric vehicle (EV) can reduce pollution by a specific amount, and this reduction helps both our cities and ecosystems live more sustainably.

  1. Long-term savings

There is little evidence to suggest that the price of gasoline will decrease any time soon, and it has only risen over the past few years. In reality, with global events like the pandemic destroying supply chains and gasoline supplies declining, it is only expected to rise sharply from here.

As per the NSW government, charging your car can result in a $1,200 annual savings for the typical driver. With that being a 70% reduction in fuel prices, over a ten-year period, drivers would save at least $10,000.

Additionally, the NSW government discovered that EV drivers save 40% on maintenance.

  1. Charging requirements

Australia’s lacking EV infrastructure is one of the most significant concerns now facing the country, especially for those living in rural locations. Therefore, while buying an EV, drivers must take into account how frequently they use their automobile and where they live.

Home chargers like the Ocular Home, which allow charging overnight, may help users who have limited access to local charging options to alleviate some of their range anxiety. Unfortunately, an EV may still be a few years away if you cannot reach a charger or cannot install one at your home.

The problem is made worse for people who frequently travel vast distances. They are compelled to use gasoline and diesel automobiles because there are no public charging stations to help them on their journey.

Australian state governments have now started implementing incentives for charger installation as EVs are becoming more prevalent on the road.