Consider yourself lucky if you have a basement in your North York home. Although almost 70% of all new homes built in northeastern North York had one, the rising cost of home construction has caused this trend to reverse and fewer basement-equipped homes are now being built. Existing houses with basements are now more valuable.

Basements can be used to store a lot. They are ideal for use as a workshop, or to shelter you from the elements during severe storms. While it might seem daunting to renovate a large area like this, Cedar Hills Contracting can provide you with the most cost-effective basement ideas that will transform your basement into a spacious living area.

Why should you renovate the basement? Is a basement renovation worthwhile? Can the extra space provided by a finished basement be wasted? These are all questions you might be familiar with. Instead of seeing a basement renovation in terms of lost income or wasted time, consider it a lost opportunity. Here are 5 reasons why basement renovation north york would be beneficial for you and the family.

1) Increase Your House’s Value

The square footage of the finished home determines a home’s worth or its value. If your basement is finished, your home will be more valuable and you will get a great return on your investment. That allows us to flow straight into the next point.

2) Easier And Faster Result

A finished basement increases the house’s value and makes it more appealing to potential homebuyers. A finished basement is a great way to convince buyers to buy your house.

3) Additional Outcome

Long-term financial gains can be achieved by creating a legal room in your basement. This option is ideal for those who don’t use their basement enough or feel that they have too much space. Be sure to plan your house properly before renovating your basement to have a legal room to rent. This could mean a separate entry to the basement, a shared laundry area, basement windows, as well as parking space.

4) More Space

A basement is usually about the same size and can be finished to double its livable space. This may seem obvious but it is important to remind clients who are considering basement renovations. You can improve your quality of life by making your basement habitable. There are many options for your basement. You could have a space to entertain, a play area for kids, an at-home gym, or simply a peaceful place away from the chaos. It could also help you to save money on travel costs by spending more time at the home for entertainment and exercise.

5) Options In A Growing / Aging Family

Your growing family and limited space need not be reasons to move into a bigger house. You can solve these problems by adding additional rooms to your basement. Planning for the future is easier when you have more bedrooms and bathrooms in your basement. For your family’s growing needs, such as children and parents, the extra space could be very useful. Depending upon the size of your basement, you may have multiple rooms for family or guests. Alternately, you can convert your basement into a room for your parents and grown-up children.