Paternity issues and suspicions are far from uncommon in today’s world. According to studies, the number of paternity tests performed in 2003 was estimated to be more than 300,000. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques to determine whether a claimed father is the biological father of a kid — in some situations, paternity can be confirmed without the supposed father being tested.

Paternity Testing

Paternity testing is very famous across the world and it is known as the reliable and accurate method for verifying whether a man is the birth father of a baby. If both the purported father and the child agree to get tested, everything is fine. Mouth swabs will be used to gather DNA samples from the presumed father and child. 

After the samples have been gathered, the laboratories will examine them to determine if the child and father have the same DNA profiles, proving that the supposed father is the biological father. Sadly, there are several cases when the purported father is either unavailable or reluctant to be tested. Various tests can be performed in these situations. 

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Sibling DNA Testing

When the supposed father is unable to participate in the paternity test for whatever reason, your best option would be to conduct a DNA test amongst the siblings of the alleged father. There are a variety of sibling tests that can determine if two or more individuals have the same biological father. Siblings of your alleged father might not be ready for the sibling DNA test, especially if it can cause financial loss to them. 

Grandparent DNA Test

To determine the connection between the grandparents and grandchildren, a DNA test can be performed, which is known as grandparent DNA testing. If the results show that they aren’t connected, it’s likely that the grandchild’s father isn’t the biological father as well. 

If you just have only one grandparent, you have to look for other testing alternatives because there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get a definitive result with this test. If both are present you can expect accurate results. 

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