Here to help you transition from night to night: This beautiful, bullet-shaped pendant is made of stainless steel, finished with twenty-four-karat-gold, and fully waterproof (so it is easy to clean). This necklace looks great when layered with other necklaces, or with your favorite outfit.

This eye mask is padded with a butter-soft, leather overlay. This mask also provides total blackout which makes it an excellent base for other erotic surprises. Many stores provide below mentioned womens sex toys in Australia

Tools To Connect Pelvic Floor

High-Tech Trainer

The app tracks your progress through five-minute exercises for the pelvic floor. It’s easy to improve your pelvic floor strength but not sure how to do so consistently.

Yoni Egg

You can also use the egg to create a Kegel-like, physical practice if you are interested in energy healing and crystals. Start with a 10-minute session if you are comfortable. If it is enjoyable, build up to a regular practice.

Massage Oles And Lubricants

Water-Based Led Lube

Water-based oils are best for rubber condoms, polyurethane, or polyisoprene. (Oils can reduce the efficacy, integrity, and quality of latex condoms over time and can also cause some toys to become less effective.

Oil-Based Lube

This luxurious bedroom oil contains coconut and sunflower seed oils. It contains evening primrose oil, vitamin E, and rosemary leaf extraction. This intimate oil is one of the most hydrating we know and provides just the right amount of slip when applied to the skin.

Massage Candle

This amazing invention doubles as a treatment for your skin. When you light the candle, the combination of argan, coconut, and shea butter will melt into a nourishing oil, which leaves skin soft and moisturized. The warm and soothing warmth of the melted candle can be applied directly to the skin.

The Lube Warmer

This tiny but powerful device distributes a uniform amount of warmed water-based grease into your hands. You simply need to insert one of the included Pulse pods. After waiting a minute, push a button and then hold your fingers for two seconds under the dispenser. You’ll love this feature if you’ve ever touched a lube container that had become lubricated. The warmer will turn off after an hour and lock when you’re not using it.

Conversation Startters

Prompts – Partners

This journal is not a toy but it is a tool. It is meant to be taken home right after your sex. You fill out each entry with a set of prompts. The first one is filled out by you and your partner individually, followed by another that you both fill out together. Reflection on your best moments, what you both want out of sex, and how you are learning together. A guide is included in the journal to help you manage awkward conversations about sex. End goal: Goal: Greater openness, deeper intimacy, and a touch of silliness.

Pleasure Game

These cards include conversation prompts that you can use with your partner to make it easier for you to fall in love. They are ideal for cozy nights in and any other occasions you desire to be close to your partner.

Sex Pillow

The soft foam cover can be removed and washed in the machine. It looks just like any regular throw pillow. Its wedge shape makes it easy to reach the ideal angle for you when you’re in need.