Accessing hazardous areas is not something you can afford to do lightly. You could be putting your employees at risk by using a poor access staircase or catwalk to the roof access. This will not only put you at risk but also make it difficult for you to comply. This could result in penalties and more expensive repairs, as well as the possibility of some operations being put on hold.

Make sure you do it correctly the first time and create a system that you can trust. These are six tips to ensure strong and compliant rooftop access.

  1. Evaluate the variables

It is important to determine how the access route will be used. What frequency will it are used? How many people will use it? It will need to be able to support heavy loads and people. Are you able to see your roof from the ground? If so, will the walkway be able to follow? What distance will the walkway stretch? How often will you support the grating? Are you going to need gates?

These are the details you will need to move on to the next step.

  1. Make sure you use the correct materials

A variety of materials are available to suit different access requirements. Grates that can carry heavy loads, as well as lighter options, are available. It is crucial to choose the right material for your application.

Safe access is possible only by choosing the right profile.

  1. Use a suitable profile

Slip resistance is essential when working in environments that are exposed to elements. You would choose a serrated grating in this instance. You might have small parts that you need to protect. In this case, you could opt for a profile with fewer edges.

  1. Ensure efficient draining

The accumulation of water in a pool can cause slippery surfaces and rust. Employees working at height will face many safety and job-specific issues. The last thing they want is another factor. A well-designed drainage system will make your workplace safer and cleaner.

Weather can be a cruel mistress. Rooftop access shouldn’t be blocked by slippery steps or pooled waters.

  1. Do not disturb the roof

roof access walkways is essential for staff safety when working at height. However, it is still vital that the roof engineering remains intact. It was designed to perform a task, so access stairs, walkways, and railing should not compromise the structural integrity.

  1. Partner with a supplier who is knowledgeable about what they do

You should ensure that you source your materials from a supplier who is familiar with your industry’s requirements. Con-formgroup has a long history of designing and supplying access products for a wide variety of operations, including water treatment plants and oil rigs. They offer a variety of profiles and materials. You’ll feel secure knowing that you are safe and sound when you work with trusted suppliers.

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