Fats, oils, grease and similar waste are a part of restaurant kitchens and are not an uncommon sight. Commercial restaurants have a lot of stuff cooking at the same time and lots of oil is being used. The result of such extensive cooking is excessive waste being produced. This waste becomes very problematic when it comes to disposal.

Grease traps are very essential in such kitchens. Such traps are the best friend of a restaurant’s kitchen because they serve two purposes. One, they maintain the sanitary conditions of the kitchen and two, they help you in abiding by the regulations of the state and local authorities thus, help you run your business with much ease.

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Importance of grease traps 

a grease trap helps in slowing down the speed of the waste water in the drainage and this lets the oils and the grease cool. Once cooled, the grease and the oils are turned solid and this solid grease/ oil are trapped into a box. Once they are trapped, they do not drain or flow out. This prevents it from entering the water supply.

Issues with grease traps

Since the whole purpose of a grease trap is to collect grease and oil, it is quite obvious that it will accumulate grease and oil. Over time, these oils and grease build-up and when the threshold is reached, it may start to overflow. Once that starts, the waste material will start to build up in the plumbing. This leads to an overflowing sink and other related issues.

Maintain the grease trap

To maintain the grease trap in the best possible functioning, the following steps must be undertaken:

  • Use professional help- no matter how good you are at cleaning the plumbing. you can never outwork the professional. Professional plumbers are experts at cleaning because they are trained at it and they will inspect the grease trap. Their eyes catch those issues which an untrained eye is bound to miss.
  • Never pour hot water into the grease trap- it is a very common misconception to pour water into the grease trap and unclog it, but this will melt the grease and then it will flow into the pipes, causing plumbing problems.
  • Regulate the dishwasher- do not use a dishwasher that runs at a very high temperature.


Grease traps are very important and their maintenance is very crucial. You should seek professional help if you notice any issues.