Have you decided to make candles at home? If yes, then keep in mind that you should purchase the right quality candle supplies to get the expected result. From glass jar to candle wax, you have to pay close attention to all the aspects. When you make any compromise, you will get perfectly sized and shaped candles.

Candle wax is one of the important ingredient because it helps the candle last longer. Different candle waxes are accessible on the ground, but soy candle wax is always the best. If you want to light up your home or office with the amazing fragrance, soy wax candles are the great option.

The popularity of Soy candles has been increasing over the years because the industry has sought out the environmental-friendly and safer option. The traditional paraffin wax candles provide many hassles, but it has been dominated the candle manufacturing for a long time. Have you decided to use soy wax to make the candles? Keep reading the following section to know more about this candle wax.

What does soy wax mean?

The soy candle wax is the vegetable wax made from the soybeans’ oils. Once the soybeans are cultivated, they are cleaned, cracked and then de-hulled completely. At last, the oil is extracted from the flakes. It is 100% natural wax, and thus you will not confront any problems.

Contrary to this, paraffin wax is the popular candle wax because of its cheaper costs. This wax is the product of the oil purification process from the oil shale, coal and petroleum. You will get the paraffin wax once the waxy substance is removed from the crude oil.

Reasons to choose soy wax

As said earlier, soy wax is made from renewable and environmentally friendly resources. Compared to other types of candle wax, soy wax offers huge green benefits. Do you want to know the major reasons to use soy candle wax instead of others? Look at below.

  • Soy wax burns cleaners, and thus it provides less soot. So, you will no longer worry about cleaning the candle burning marks.
  • Since it burns slower than paraffin wax, you will obtain the candle that lasts longer. It means you do not require to use several candles.
  • Soy wax also provides the excellent fragrance, and thus you do not need any chemical amplifiers. You will get the well-balanced scented candle at home upon using soy wax.

How do you use soy wax?

You will get soy wax in three different forms. You have to choose the right option to make the scented candle.

  • 100% soy wax is the most preferred type of wax for candles as it contains only soy wax. So, it is completely natural.
  • You can mix soy and oil to make the candle. Adding natural oils such as coconut oil to the wax enhances the outcome.
  • Soy and paraffin is the third type of soy wax. But, many people would not take this option because paraffin is not the clean-burning wax.