If you have hardwood flooring in your office and need to protect them, the Waterhog mat is an ideal solution. There is no better choice to keep the workspace dry and clean than the Waterhog floor mat. This type of floor mat is simple to care for, stylish and secure. The waterhog mats are constructed with polypropylene material that offers more durability.

Placing the floor mat entrance of the workspace is essential, especially in the rainy season. It reduces the slips and falls of guests in your office by absorbing excess moisture on the floor. Those who need to create the customized logo mat can choose the best supplier. They have the trained team to help the customer customize the beautiful mat with their company name and logo.

The appearance of the Waterhog mats 

When you place this floor mat in your workspace, you don’t want to worry about the debris and moisture harming the expensive floor. The waterhog mats are available in different surface textures. It is excellent in cleaning ability than a standard entrance floor mat.

  • One of the popular textures is a raised-nub pattern, and it contains horizontal raised row and crush-resistance nubs. The nub is spaced apart to enable the dirt particle to fall on the mat surface. So it helps to control and trap the dirt and debris before entering the workspace.
  • Herringbone design is another famous surface texture for this floor mat. This design identifies by the horizontal slat rows. It has aggressive touches like the usual nub pattern, which clean easily. And this floor mat has enough space between every diagonal slot to let the dust and dirt drop under the mat’s surface.

Before ordering the Waterhog floor mat for your workspace, you must consider the surface texture, shape and size. The guide will enable you to choose the best floor mat for your business at an affordable cost.

Freshen up your floor mat 

Regular maintenance of waterhog mats is essential that boost its lifespan. Clean and dirt-free mats will do better when compared to unclean floor mats. Ensure to clean the floor mat regularly and keep the dust away from your workspace. When a customer enters your office, they will notice the floor mat. If the mat is clean, it creates a good reputation for your brand and offers the professional look.

The Waterhog floor mat is flexible than the traditional entrance mat. Mat cleaning takes several hours, so it is good to hire the professional floor mat cleaning service. The experts have years of experience and the right tools to clean the mat within the short time. In addition, you can build brand awareness with the dirt-free floor mat.

The entrance mat increases employees and customers’ safety, preventing the water from being tracked throughout the workspace. The Waterhog floor mat traps the excess water from the floor and keeps it dry. The wet surface increases the possibility of slip-related injuries. Thus, the entryway mat makes securing the workspace a simple process.