What is PPC?

You can spend days or even months preparing killer content that excels in SEO and still you can fail to reach the top of SERP. However, that’s not the case with the AdWords campaign. Adopting the AdWords campaign, you can easily skip the queue SERP and land on the top rank of search results. This makes Ads campaign the most efficient way of marketing.

The best way of marketing on Google is the PPC Ads campaign. Since PPC is focused on specific targeted keywords, you will pay only for the clicks that landed on your webpage, it has the potential of generating huge conversions for you. The right strategy applied can skyrocket your ROI using the PPC campaign.

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Effective strategies to boost PPC- 

1- Target on specific keywords- Your first PPC campaign is likely to include multiple keywords. Targeting multiple keywords draws those clicks which are irrelevant to your ad and are less likely to generate conversions. Since in a PPC campaign, you pay for these clicks from your pocket, every click that doesn’t generate a conversion is a lost deal.

The correct approach, in this case, is to analyse the performance of keywords in the ads. You will be able to earmark those keywords which are of little relevance to the Ad and bring fewer conversions. You will also come across those keywords which have been drawing huge traffic for your ad.

Cull the keywords of less relevance and retain the relevant keywords. You must also incorporate the negative keywords into your campaign. These are the set of those triggering words that you want to most specifically exclude because they might generate irrelevant clicks on the landing page.

If you are operating a local business, using local keywords is the best strategy. Often it happens that you get traffic from the areas which are not in your vicinity and thus beyond the scope of conversion generation. Adding local keywords like location in the Ads campaign can effectively cull out the unnecessary traffic from your page.

The use of long-tail keywords is also an efficient strategy. These are the long, very efficient phrased keywords that are likely to be searched only by those people who are looking for the exact set of services that you provide.

These practices may decrease the traffic on your page, but they are bound to increase the precision of your Ads campaign. The PPC campaign is grounded on clicks so these clicks must be laser-focused on your real customer base.

2- Use Ad extensions- extensions are the add-ons that Google Ads provides to make your ad more efficient. Google lets you add the link to the website, reviews, contact details, etc. as extensions. The customer can call you right away, this helps in creating a personal bond with the potential customer.

3- Ensure that the website is secure – Google prioritizes secure websites. You must use the HTTPS domain instead of HPPT domains since Google will give a better-quality score to a secure website. Besides that, your website must be accessible for users to read through the content which the website hosts.

4- Ensure that the landing website is mobile friendly- Lately, Google has shifted its stance towards mobile-friendliness of the website. The latest algorithms require that the website must be mobile-friendly. This is done because the proportion of mobile users have been burgeoning.

5- Ensure the speed of the website- The speed of your landing page plays a crucial role. You might have an excellent Ad campaign with all the things that the customer requires, but if your page takes more than 2 seconds to load, the potential customer will bounce off to another page.

This will cause you a double-folded loss. Not only did you lose a potential customer, but you also lost revenue on the click which he made.


PPC campaigns can take your business ROI to the clouds. However, if you do not apply the correct strategy, your revenues will face a nosedive. Thus, it becomes imperative to have a blueprint of strategy before entering the game.