The subsequent extension called Destiny: House of Wolves ought to show up in the second quarter of this current year, regardless the data was affirmed by Bungie! The studio emphasized its affirmation in light of bits of hearsay that the substance House of Wolves to likewise accompany new defensive layer and weapons. Bungie likewise accepted the open door to report the appearance of the 1.1.1 fix before the finish of this current month! The primary update on both The Dark Below and House of Wolves ought to be perhaps the greatest drop of substance before a short time!

Bungie has advanced the substance of the fix in subtleties on their authority site here. As noticed, the fix ought to incorporate another equilibrium of weapons, including the beat rifle which no one appears to like, clearly. Some different changes are likewise made to Auto Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Hand Cannons, Shotguns, and so forth; which are recorded underneath:

Auto Rifles


1. Auto Rifle is ideal at near medium reach

2. Harm, Stability, and Range are tuned with the end goal that players want Stability for dependable tight situation harm, or Range for better exactness a ways off


1. Decrease base harm of Auto Rifles by 2.5% (arrived at the midpoint of across Rate of Fire details, higher RoF took to a lesser degree a decrease than low RoF)

2. Diminish successful reach esteems so that harm falloff and precision are a more grounded factor in battle choices

3. Reach decrease is less extreme in the higher detail esteems, so now your reach detail is more basic to significant distance commitment

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1. Shotgun is the most ideal at short proximity

2. Supplements skirmish assaults and other tight situation class constructs

Obnoxiously shutting on a foe with a Shotgun is a danger/reward timing game


1. Increment harm by 2x (100%) against all non-Guardian warriors (outsiders)

2. Diminish top of the line range esteems – harm falloff begins sooner, so Crucible players with long reach shotguns should be somewhat nearer for effective one hit murders

3. (Like the Fusion Rifle) Initial beginning ammunition is decreased across all ammunition details in the Crucible:

4. Beginning a Crucible match, you’ll have less Shotgun ammunition available for later

5. In PvE exercises we constantly track your ammunition

6. We possibly utilize introductory ammunition esteems in the event that you are signing in interestingly, or beginning a Crucible match

Hand Cannons:


1. Hand Cannon is ideal at medium reach

2. Hand Cannon is ideal when shots are paced, turns out to be less successful when discharged rapidly

3. Prizes spryness when enduring an onslaught, accuracy focusing on, and previews


1. Diminish successful reach

2. Harm falloff begins nearer to the shooter, and follow up shots are less precise at long ranges

3. Slight decrease to beginning exactness

4. This is unnoticeable at near medium reach, however highlights the reach aims when utilized from a long way off.

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